Decomissioned Indian Army M19A1 ammo can with 20 mm Canvas Strap.

This package is primarily for those who have booked the Ajwain Khaki mechanical watch and would like to have the watch delivered in this  Ammo Can along with an extra  Ajwain strap instead of the wooden box.

The box is made of solid sheet steel and is lockable .

Can be mounted on your Bike or  SUV   by drilling holes and bolting it on.

 Indian Army M19A1  ammo can ( USED ) upgrade for the Ajwain Khaki .( WATCH NOT INCLUDED)
The Khaki watch shown here is for representative purposes only and not a part of this offer.
This box will not be shipped outside India.
  • 1 Additional Ajwain strap ( Canvas or Leather  )
  • M19A1  ammo can
  • 11″x 7″ x 4″
  • Weight nearly 2 kgs.
  • Made in Ordinance factory Jabalpore.
  • The weight of the strap and ammo can with packing  carton is  around 2.1Kgs
  • DECOMMISSIONED, comes with the original paint, markings, and dings. We have just cleaned it up .
Side Note
  • These ammo cans were used by the army for carrying 3D6  Smoke grenades in the T72 tanks .
  • The smoke grenades were used to create a smoke screen to protect against anti-tank missiles



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Manufacturer defect (Note : Products colour will differ from screen to screen)

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