A Jewelled watch Without An Interesting Name


Railway Regulator 

The Heart :

White Enamel Dial 
40mm SS316L case with Sapphire crystal. 
Seethrough case back with mineral glass. 
Tailor made  genuine leather strap.
Miyota 8219 Japanese automatic movement.


 Steel                  :  INR 13,500 Free shipping in India .
 Ion Gold Plated :  INR 14,990 Free shipping in India 
 Black PVD         : INR 14,990  Free shipping in India .
 Sand Blasted      : INR 14990  Free shipping in India

 Steel US$ 275 incl international shipping ( payment by paypal only)
 IGP (Ion Gold Plated)/ Black PVD  case US$ 300 incl international shipping ( payment by paypal only)

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Kakori * Down Steel


"Sholavaram" India's First  Mechanical Chronograph


India's First Mechanical Chronograph

Limited Edition of 50 Numbers ( SOLD OUT )

Commemorates a suburb 24 Kms North of Chennai, which has the rare distinction of having India's first motor racing track (1953)

which was used as an airstrip during World War II.

Nuts and Bolts

  • 40 mm SS 316 case with exhibition case back.
  • Sapphire crystal, front, and back.
  • Seagull ST1901 mechanical hand-wound chronograph movement.
  • 20 mm lugs
  • Genuine Leather Strap
  • Pushers at 2&4 for chronograph and crown at 3. 
  • Bicompax dial with Tachymeter and Pulsometer.
  • Dial colours : 3 variants
  • a) Ivory for that vintage 50's look. 
  • b) Black with Red pulso  
  • c) Black with blue pulso . 

(SOLD OUT) Price US$ 325 ( Paypal )  including worldwide shipping  .




SAN Skeleton Watch with Leather Strap and 8M40 Miyota Movement

San ( 3 / Tri in Japanese ).

( SOLD OUT 2018 )

We are pleased to showcase San which is an evolution of Tri our rendition of the Faith, Respect, Honour, Pride and  Admiration for the Indian Tricolour and The National Emblem.

The Watch was launched on the 23rd of Jan 2018, which will be marked as very special day for all of Indians, when our Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi asserted the important role of India, Indian Economy, Skills, Development, Progress, Tons of Opportunity and Easy of Doing Business in India at the World Economic Forum at Davos.

The Design Philosophy : San is mix of the Indian emotion, design and dexterity and  the accuracy and beauty of a Japanese movement.

Therefore we have carried forward  the  design elements  from Tri - ,such as  the colour theme of the Indian Tricolour and motifs from the national emblem  and  added the colours of the  flag of the Rising Sun, by  the red sub second hand  at  5.

Emblazoned on the  top  is  "イン "  ( India in Japanese)



Whats under the hood .

  1. 8N40 The latest skeleton movement from Miyota Japan with a side second
  2. Case : 37 mm sandblasted SS304  with  transparent case back  and  mineral crystal glass
  3. Sand blasted onion crown
  4. 18 Leather belt with deployant  SS clasp .
  5. Hand Made Dial with a pure silver base , but coated with nickel for a mirror finish .  


Despite various attempts weare still  a long way from perfection , but we are confident that we will get there .

Please bear with the faults till then . 

We are confident that one day San will be exported to other countries from  India  hence  we call it  the IEM ( India Export Model) .




This  project started off as a homage to the exclusive and elusive HMT Skeleton . Many  of us  aspire for  it  , but  still remains  elusive   .

Well that was a starting  point, a means to an  end  but   not an end to the means .

We at ajwain wanted to the  bring out the Indian identity  in our design , and what  a better way than  trying to express it with   the fusion of  the   Indian tricolour   and the National emblem ; our Interpretation  त्रि .

The Ethos


( SOLD OUT 2018)

Though  त्रि   on the dial is not exactly a transliteration of Tri , we preferred to use the same as we wanted to invoke the blessings of the Great Shiv with the mantra.

ॐ त्रियम्बकं यजामहे, सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनं !


उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान् मृत्योर्मोक्षिय मामृतात् !!


The .999 hand made Silver Dial  has  the Lion,  the Elephant , the Bull and the Horse  travelling in a clockwise direction  at 12 ,3,6and 9 representing the North, East , South and West  of India. ( Trust me ,we  were not aware that there were 5 animals  in our National Emblem as opposed to the  3  that we see on the ubiquitous  Indian bank note or currency ) .and to think  that  this  was conceived   by Emperor Ashok in 250 BCE .

The shades of the  Tri-colour are  represented in all its brilliance  on the dial in a subtle manner   and the  Blue Hands , the Ashok Chakra  .

Nuts and Bolts

त्रि    is  a limited edition   .


Movement :  8N24   Skeleton  , Miyota Japan 21 jewels

Dial : Hand made  in .999 pure Silver  with laser welded pure silver dial legs

Case : SS304  ~`38mm without crown

Mineral Crystal .

Caseback :  Screw down Transparent Case Back  .

Strap : 18mm Genuine Leather.


Half Mast

( SOLD OUT 2017)

Our first project pays homage to the undaunted spirit of Royal Enfield Riders.

We have been in the process of incubating it since quite some time and were looking for an apt name. 

Just as we were putting the final pieces together there was a very unfortunate event where a lady Enfield rider

lost her life at the end of July 2017. In deference to the spirit of  the rider  we decided to name the watch "Half Mast ".

The logo


The iterations for the not so perfect logo. Didn't want to get into a tiff with Mr. Siddharth Lal.


The Heart :Poljot cal. 2416

  • At the heart of "Half Mast "is the Russian Poljot caibre 2416 -Kosmos , 29 jewel movement .
  • Circa 1963- 1970  at 3.9 mm is fairly slim . The Cotes De Geneve pattern on the rotor makes it stand out.


Boxing it .